At War With Politics
A Journey from Traditional Political Science to Black Politics
Author(s): Stephen Graves

A personal exploration of the relationship between Black identity and US politics, through reflection and recollection of the author’s journey from student, to politician, to university professor.

Collection: Black Studies
 Publication Date  Available in all formats
ISBN 9781915271099
  Pages 206





Is politics the best way to make changes in your community? How can one find a political identity? What is the relationship between Black identity and the US political field?

Through reflection and recollection, author Stephen Graves explores these questions as he describes his journey from young Black student, to politician, to teaching at a university level – all as a way to engage with and effect change in his community. Focusing on the author’s lived experience, this book will bring life to political theory and studies of American politics.

Stephen Graves PhD is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science and The Center of Africana Studies at Oklahoma State University. He is the founder of Troublesome, a non-profit focusing on providing educational and professional services to minorities and underprivileged groups. In 2021, Dr Graves was selected as one of COMO Magazine’s “20 Under 40”.

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