Students, Teachers, Families, and a Socially Just Education
Rewriting the Grammar of Schooling to Unsettle Identities
Explore how education is and is not fit for purpose through the lived experiences of teachers, students, and families who have diverse needs and identities.
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One size does not fit all when it comes to education.

In modern society, education has been and continues to be shaped, informed, and driven by a so-called “grammar of schooling”: an approach which completely ignores the many and diverse identities that learners own, are given, and encounter. Categorising students into neat, labelled boxes, splintering knowledge into strictly defined subjects, and fracturing learning – this grammar of schooling desperately needs rewriting.

Through narratives from teachers, students, and their families, this book explores the lived experiences of those who are forced to live with the current approach, and the consequences for their lives, relationship, and education. It also asks the question of what creative and holistic alternative approaches might look like – when the rules aren’t working, the rulebook can be rewritten.

Learning objectives
1: Schooling, technologies and equity in times of crisis
2: The repetition of the grammar of schooling
3: Rewriting the grammar of schooling
4: Unsettling identities for a socially just inclusion?

Julie Allan PhD is Professor of Equity and Inclusion in the School of Education at the University of Birmingham (UK). She has published widely and advised governments in the areas of inclusion, equity, and rights.

Francesca Peruzzo PhD is a Research Fellow at the Educational Equity Initiative at the School of Education, University of Birmingham (UK). Her work encompasses education policy sociology, post-structural approaches in education, and their implications for equity and inclusion in educational communities.

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