People With Disabilities Seeking and Finding Employment in South Africa
Challenges and Barriers of Disability Unemployment
Author(s): Liändrie Steffens

Explore the path to employment – and the experience once employed – of people living with physical and sensory disabilities in South Africa.

ISBN 9781915271877





What is it like to get – and work in – employment for people living with disabilities in South Africa?

For those living with physical and sensory disabilities, the path to employment can be beset with challenges and discrimination, not to mention the difficulties faced when someone does manage to get a job. Drawing extensively from first-hand accounts, this book explores these experiences, considering the landscape and calling for more inclusive employment practices.

Ideal reading for students of Disability Studies, African Studies, Human Resource Management, Anthropology, Sociology, and related courses, this will also be of interest to practitioners and trainees in social work, employment policy, and parasocial support.

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