Ethiopian Family's Journey of Entrepreneurship in the US
A Story of Determination, Resourcefulness, and Faith
Author(s): Yoni Medhin

Experience the life story of a child of immigrants, from escaping war-torn Ethiopia to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the US.

ISBN 9781915734266

What does it take to become a successful entrepreneur in the US?

Through reflective narrative, Yoni Medhin documents his father’s traumatic upbringing in war-torn Ethiopia, and escape to the US. Medhin tells the inspirational story of his discovery of personal validation and purpose at the Colorado School of Mines, and how he established his first business, Grain4Grain.

An Ethiopian Family's Journey of Entrepreneurship in the US explores the successes and challenges Yoni and his co-founder faced in establishing their business, from discovering the necessary technology, to making a critical pivot during the covid pandemic, to closing the business and consolidating their learnings for future ventures. It details the development of Yoni’s family’s entrepreneurship, from barely make ends meet to launching successful health care services and real estate and businesses.

A story of family, community, and identity, this book is ideal reading for students of Entrepreneurship and Business studies, Sociology, Migration, and Forced Migration Studies.

Yoni Medhin is the Founder and CEO of Grain4Grain, an upcycling firm that uses innovative technologies to convert food manufacturing by-products into functional, healthy, and sustainable ingredients.

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