Resilient Teacher
Creating Positive Change through Inclusive Classrooms

Explore how teachers are working to build resilience, teach for social justice and inclusivity, and create change in schools and classrooms

ISBN 9781915734464
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How can a teacher work towards social justice and inclusivity in their classroom, while building the resilience needed to maintain healthy balance for themselves?

Recognising and challenging exclusionary structures and practices in schools is crucial to reach and teach every child, but can be stressful for the teachers and staff in the classroom. Through exploring the experiences of real teachers doing this work, author Sarah Schlessinger offers inclusive teaching practices and tools for resilience to equip teachers for ongoing success.

Ideal reading for classroom teachers of all specialisations in practice and in training, this book will also be of interest to higher education students of Education Studies, Disability Studies, Critical Race Theory Studies, Sociology, Cultural Anthropology, and related courses.

Sarah Schlessinger EdD is an independent scholar and Professor of Education at the Relay Graduate School of Education in the Department of Teaching Exceptional Learners. Her research and teaching focus on social justice as it is enacted through inclusive classroom practices. She is co-author of Narratives of Inclusive Teaching: Stories of Becoming in the Field (2021).

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