Harm to Healing
A Pathway to Abolition
Author(s): Felicia Carbajal

Explore the lived experience of survivors of harm and incarceration and how their lack of safety is fundamentally linked to race, gender, and sexual orientation.

ISBN 9781916704602





What impact on the safety of incarcerated individuals does race, gender, and sexual orientation have?

Drawing on the lived experiences of survivors of harm and incarceration and personal experience, author Felicia Carbajal reflects on the correlation between growing up and living in an underserved community and being incarcerated. Harm to Healing examines how the language of abolition impacts the lack of safety and insecurity caused by mass incarceration and envisions a prison-free world.

An eye-opening examination of the criminal justice system, this book is ideal reading for students of Carceral Studies, Criminology, Gender Studies, Queer and LGBT+ Studies, Sociology, and Cultural Anthropology.

Felicia Carbajal is the Executive Director of LA-based The Social Impact Center and a formerly incarcerated person.

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