Displacement of the Hazara People of Afghanistan
Complex Histories

Illustrates the often complex experiences of forced migrants, using case studies of the Hazara people of Afghanistan.

ISBN 9781916985346





How can the experiences of the Hazara diaspora show how discrimination, persecution and poverty can drive migration, often following migrants through the countries they travel and settle in?

Displacement of the Hazara People of Afghanistan uses lived experiences to explore the often-neglected facets of migration: that sometimes one can be a migrant without moving, that many migrants are forced to move multiple times, that the experience of migration is often intertwined with that of racism and rejection. By offering stories from different locations including smuggling across borders, seeking asylum in Europe, and facing repatriation, this book demonstrates how rejection and persecution can target different aspects of Hazara identity.

Presenting stories that challenge the dominant narratives around forced migrants, this book is ideal reading for students of Forced Migration and Refugee Studies, Sociology, Politics, and Middle Eastern Studies, as well as policy makers.

Khadija Abbasi PhD received her PhD from the Geneva Graduate Institute, and is now based in London

Reza Hussaini is a PhD candidate at City, University of London

Atefeh Kazemi is an MA graduate in Anthropology, University of Tehran

Abdullah Mohammadi is an MA graduate in Demography, University of Tehran, currently working at the Mixed Migration Centre

Liza Schuster PhD is a Reader in Sociology at City, University of London

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