Embracing diversity, making connections, weaving identities
Author(s): James Clarke
ISBN 9781915271303





How do different social identities interact and intersect in a classroom setting?

Classrooms are diverse places – each person, whether student or teacher, can hold multiple identities, creating differences and commonalities across the group and within individuals. This book explores how this diversity can look in practice, with real stories of a high-school teacher’s experiences in a diverse UK classroom.

These stories look at such questions as: How does the teacher’s identity as a young, white, gay, neurodivergent man impact and interact with the space? How does a classroom affect young people as they seek to understand and embrace their own identities, and work out the balance between fitting in and being themselves? How does difference and commonality show up in the classroom? Invaluable reading for teachers in practice and training and those working to affect education policy, this book gives crucial insight into issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in schools.

Embracing diversity, making connections, weaving identities

James Clarke PGCE is a practising teacher in UK mainstream education. Alongside his work in schools, he is a district commissioner in North London for The Scout Association, where he is also involved in the UK inclusion Team, creating resources and training for adults and young people internationally. He is a weekly host on Teachers Talk Radio, a UK-based online radio show for teachers.

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