Getting out of South Carolina’s Juvenile Justice System
Education for Young Incarcerated Offenders
Author(s): Kimberly Nolan

Investigate the education services in South Carolina's Juvenile Justice System.

ISBN 9781916704435

How can society provide better education services for young incarcerated offenders?

In most cases they receive fewer hours of education than they were getting prior to incarceration, if any. Getting out of South Carolina’s Juvenile Justice System highlights the importance of prevention and community programming, as well as preparation for the return to mainstream society. Through stories from juveniles, parents, judges, prosecutors, and defence attorneys, author Kimberly Nolan addresses the issues within the juvenile justice system in South Carolina and offers ideas on how to support young offenders as they navigate both the transition to adulthood and community living.

Offering a history of the system, lived experiences, and a review of advocacy groups and intervention programs, this book is ideal reading for students of Carceral Studies and Criminal Justice, Education, Social Justice, Psychology, Law, Sociology, and Social Work.

Kimberly Nolan EdD is a Teaching Professor in the Graduate School of Education at Northeastern University.

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