Call for Authors

Do you bring your experience as a researcher or practitioner into your teaching? Do you teach a course that is brought to life with examples of real people in lived experience? Do you prefer to provide your students with a variety of readings, delivered affordably and sustainably? Lived Places Publishing is dedicated to offering faculty course readings that explore the intersection of social identity and place; published in collections led by leading scholars and practitioners, distributed affordably and sustainably through the university library.

Lived Places Publishing is distinguished by a unique and specific focus in each title published on a social identity or social identities and a location or locations. We believe the experience of a social identity (be it exclusion, inclusion, difference, etc.) is best-revealed for students through this intersection of identity and lived experience.

Lived Places Publishing titles are:

  • 100 to 150 pages (40,000 words+)
  • Aligned to a discipline or interdisciplinary topic
  • Include an abstract and keywords
  • Feature five to 10 learning objectives
  • Feature five to 10 discussion topics and/or suggested assignments

Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about becoming a Lived Places author, please see our FAQ page.

Submitting Your Proposal

Proposal Requirements:

Your Lived Places Publishing book proposal will be reviewed by an appropriate collection editor or collection editors and the publisher. We are committed to making a publishing decision within 4-6 weeks of receipt.

To submit a proposal for consideration:

  1. Please download and complete our book proposal document
  2. When complete, or if you have questions, please submit to our editorial team