Presenting our first collection of 40 books for 2023

The library is central to supporting course design and content selection. Faculty are increasingly asking libraries to acquire and provide materials from a broader, more diverse range of authors and subject areas to augment their courses and meet the needs of their students. 

Lived Places Publishing (LPP) exists to support librarians and faculty in this goal. We publish applied and concise course reading material in interdisciplinary collections. Each title we publish explores the intersection of identity and place, humanizing an issue through lived experience(s).

Our collection is delivered with libraries in mind:

  • DRM-free, unlimited user access, and unrestricted PDF download of titles
  • Whole ebook interlibrary loan to one partner institution at a time
  • Affordable, perpetual access pricing with region-appropriate discounts to ensure every university across the globe can own the LPP collection
  • 5% of all sales set aside to fund author-choice open access publishing at our average production cost (to be published on our website and updated every six months)

As we develop, we look forward to feedback and guidance from the library community. To this end, we are offering open-ended trials throughout 2023 – and we invite you to take part.

We are flexible: The length and nature of this trial can be defined by your institutional needs. We understand the importance of not interrupting student or faculty access mid-semester, and we aim to fit into your institution’s academic course planning cycles.

Download Complete 2023 Title List (.xls)

If you would like to learn more, or to join us as an early adopter or early trial partner of our 2023 collection of 40 titles, please connect with our Founder and Publisher, David Parker: Email David

The 2023 Lived Places Publishing Library Collection

USD$2,000 | GBP £1,800 | EUR €2,000

A sampling of titles in the 2023 collection:

  1. Gifting resilience: A pandemic study of Black female resistance by Dr Linda Jean Hall – published Sep 2022
  2. Improving the experience of health care for people living with sensory disability by Dr Annmaree Watharow MD, PhD – published Feb 2023
  3. No place for autism? by Jim Hoerricks – published Feb 2023
  4. Displacement, (de)segregation, and dispossession by Dr Rebecca Alexander – forthcoming Fall 2023
  5. My precious legacy: Slave culture in the American South by Dr Deirdre Foreman – forthcoming Summer 2023
  6. Growing up undiagnosed: Surviving childhood in New York City as an undiagnosed Autistic by Becca Lory Hector – forthcoming Fall 2023
  7. Music and Black community in segregated North Carolina: “It’s all right…” by Dr Gregory Freeland – published May 2023
  8. Stories of Black female identity in the making: Queering the love in Blackness by Dr Kadian Pow – published June 2023
  9. My name is: Is your name a gift or a burden? by Dr Javeria Shah – forthcoming
  10. The cost of safety: Central American young people notions of home by Dr Mirna Carranza – forthcoming
  11. Lived experience leadership in trans communities by Dr Jay Stewart – forthcoming
  12. Trans(formations) and Tenderness: Rhetorics and Resources to Support Transgender Youth in the US by Prathim-Maya Dora-Laskey – forthcoming

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