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Thank you for your interest in our 2023 collection:

Starting a Trial

Lived Places Publishing is offering open-ended trials throughout 2023 – and we invite you to take part. 

Typically, libraries run a trial for 30 to 90 days. But we are flexible – the length and nature of this trial can be defined by you & your institutional needs. We understand the importance of not interrupting student or faculty access mid-semester, and we aim to fit into your institution’s academic course planning cycles.

To begin a trial – or for more information on our trial process, our pricing, or our publishing plan – please email our Founder and Publisher, David Parker: Email David

Setting Up Access

If you are ready to get started, we will be delighted to set up access for you & your library users. To begin, please share your library's Public Static IP (PSI) address (for example, or an IP range as well) for us to set up access to our collection for your library users. If you are not familiar with PSI, you may need to contact your information technology (IT) team. And please note that once we have your PSI, we may need a day or two to provide access.

For most libraries, the above method will work. If not, here's an alternate approach for us to try: If your IT team recommends using your existing identity platforms (for example, Microsoft AD, Shibboleth, OpenAthens, etc.), then please ask your IT administrator to configure the following connection details:

If your institution has other preferences, we will try to accommodate – please email our Founder and Publisher, David Parker: Email David

Once Your Trial Is Set Up

Our first set of MARC records is nearly ready – you'll be able to source the MARC data in our Library Resource Center. More details forthcoming.

Our system can be directly integrated with EZProxy user authentication. This link can be configured into EZProxy to connect: 

Starting this term, we will be able to supply usage stats – you'll have access to COUNTER-5 compliant usage data. More details forthcoming.

For any other questions about our developing program, please email David Parker: Email David 


Once you are up and running with a trial, we look forward to getting feedback and guidance from you and your faculty & student patrons. Please take a few moments to answer the following questions. 

Download Trial Review Form (.doc)

Questions: Trial Review Form


  • Name: Your name
  • Email: Your email 
  • Institution: Your library/school name
  • Trial period: Your start date 

CONTENT: Questions about LPP Content

  1. Topics: What topics (for books or collections) are your faculty most requesting?
  2. Usage: Which LPP books are getting the best response so far in the trial?
  3. Format: Are faculty satisfied with our book format: Short-form, 100-150 page ebooks? 
  4. Pedagogy: Are faculty satisfied with our pedagogy: Learning objectives, recommended assignments, further readings? 

PLATFORM: Questions about the LPP Library Collection platform:

  1. UX: Please offer feedback on user experience: Page layout & design, use of space, colors, book covers.
  2. Browse: Does the browse structure make sense to your users? 
  3. Search: Please comment on the search facets: Layout, utility, organization. 
  4. Search: Are there any search facets that are lacking or hard-to-use?
  5. Set-up: How was the set-up process with our technical team?

MODEL: Questions about Library Collection access and business model:

  1. Pricing: Is our pricing acceptable to your institution? 
  2. ILL: Is our Interlibrary Loan Policy acceptable? 
  3. ILL: Is the description of our ILL policy easy-to-understand?
  4. MARC: Were you able to access our MARC records easily?
  5. Data: What do you need in terms of analytics beyond COUNTER usage reporting?

If there is additional information you would like for us to know that's not represented in this form – please email our Founder and Publisher, David Parker: Email David


Need more information? 

More info about our 2023 library collection:

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